PCCP is a local Community Based Organization dedicated to helping children (read more about PCCP).  Our school is located in Uganda in one of the poorest areas (see our location).  PCCP was started in 2000 and has grown to provide services to over 300 children per year (read about our history).  PCCP believes transparency with our donors and partners is important to benefit our children and represent ourselves as a positive faith driven organization.


Director Paul Osillon is committed to accountability of the organization.  Paul ensures all questions are answered in the format received, whether letter, email or telephone.  PCCP’s doors are open to all visiting Uganda.

Governance structure

PCCP is governed by a five person board of directors consisting of:

  • Chairman | Martin Manti (brother to Paul)
  • Treasurer | Edith Naigino
  • Founder | Paul Osillon
  • Member | Christopher Sebagambo
  • Trustee | Fred Madautu


PCCP is a Community Based Organization officially registered and confirmed by local district council per Ugandan law.  We are a local volunteer group that started with no government or donor support. PCCP is supported only by faith, charity, local and international donations, and per project funding.

School Board

PCCP’s education activity is operated by the headmaster and monitored by the school board.

Management of funds/ Annual budget

PCCP’s annual budget has grown from $30,000 in 2010 to $42,000 in 2014. We also receive a number of in-kind donations like books, toys, pens, clothes, shoes, etc. from Mission World Aid Australia and Tools With A Mission UK.  54% of our funding comes from charitable organizations, local and foreign.  The other 46% is provided by community, churches and the Osillon family.