PCCP is a local Ugandan volunteer group that started in August of 1999 with the aim of advocating for disadvantaged children in Uganda.
We are currently committed to caring for about 300 orphans and needy children.

PCCP interior classroomPCCP started with no government or donor support. Community members such as founder/director Paul Osillon saw the need to help the children of the area, providing for rescued and escaped child soldiers victimized by Joseph Kony and the abominable LRA. This effort was run for several years, with most of the students graduating or moving on. PCCP became a Community Based Organization in the year 2000. As the needs of the younger children began to outweigh the older, PCCP shifted to providing primary education.

Our Programs and Services

We identify the most desperate of the desperate children. Most of our services are provided from our school and orphanage:

  • PCCP - school buildingsquality academic education in primary
  • care, shelter and food for the orphaned children
  • programs to support psycho-social development beyond vulnerability
    • community counselling
    • nurturing support
    • mentorship
  • health care
  • support for their families
  • assistance seeking out family support and connections
  • programs to build generous and sustainable futures in character and livelihood
    • programs to build character
    • sustainable livelihood
      • community counselling
      • nurturing support
      • mentorship
    • PCCP - Heather and boyseducation on local employment markets
    • capacity building workshops on improved small scale production in agriculture, horticulture and livestock rearing to increase existing income
    • training, mentoring and support programs dealing with emotional problems caused by AIDS, abuse, and poverty